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About Arc Pathway

Our vision is to ensure that every child's early development is clearly understood, enabling effective and lasting support for them to achieve the best outcomes in life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

“Empower teachers and parents to enable children to have the best possible start in life by guiding and enhancing every step of their developmental journey.”

Meet the team

Our Directors

A headshot of Director Jackie Harland.

Jackie Harland

Product Director

Jackie is a speech and language therapist who has been in paediatrics for over 30 years and has a Masters in Early Childhood Education. She has set up multidisciplinary children’s centres and early years provisions in the UK, and internationally, in India, Pakistan and Dubai. Jackie speaks at international conferences and has written and taught a Masters level programme in ‘Childhood Communication Impairment’ accredited by Anglia Ruskin University. She developed and owned the largest private therapy practice in the UK and now consults to clinics in London and India.

A headshot of Education Director Helen Garnett.

Helen Garnett

Education Director

Helen has a wealth of experience in teaching, both in the primary sector and early years, co-founding a preschool in 2005. Helen is now an Early Years consultant and author. She has written Developing Empathy in the Early Years (winner of the Nursery World Awards Professional Book Category 2018) and Building a Resilient Workforce in the Early Years (Early Years Alliance 2019). She writes articles for leading parent and early years publications such as Parenta, the Early Years Teacher Organisation, QA Education and Early Years Educator.

Our Values

Every child has the right to thrive


We value relationships and listening to one another and being empathetic.


We place wellbeing at the heart of everything we do and everything we create for children.


We believe in excellence in everything we do, our presentation, our interaction with others and the robust and evidence. based content of our product.


We always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We value generosity in everything.

meet the team

Our Experts

Arc Pathway is expertly curated by a team of specialists, including educators, psychologists, authors, and health professionals, all dedicated to enhancing early childhood education. This collective expertise ensures the platform offers a unique combination of evidence-based learning activities, detailed analytics, and tailored educational pathways. By integrating the latest in educational psychology and adaptive technology, Arc Pathway stands at the forefront of educational innovation, providing invaluable support to young learners, parents, and teachers alike.

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