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Arc Pathway is the most effective and sensitive profiling and next steps platform for Early Years.

Why choose Arc Pathway

Our Approach to Schools & Nurseries

Sensitive Profiling

Gain greater understanding of each child in your care, as outlined in the new EYFS.
  • 6 monthly milestones
  • 7 areas of learning
  • 34 strands of learning
  • Illustrated in easy to understand Arcs
  • Links to EYFS framework
  • Create an EYFS report at the click of a button

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Learning Pathways

Unlock automatically generated next steps, personalised to each child delivering more focussed observations and saving you precious time.
  • Learning pathways from 12 months up to Arc Learning Goals
  • Ability to add, view, download, share and store observations, photos and videos.
  • You and other members of staff can view each other’s observations.
  • Observations can be added to multiple learning areas
  • View activities and learning principles that wrap around the child’s developmental levels

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Learning Journals

Engage, excite and involve parents in their children’s development.
  • Encouraging parental support and engagement by sharing regular updates, key moments, profiles, priority learning areas, observations and progress reports
  • Online with notification settings for parents and approval processes.
  • Offline learning journals can be exported to attractive, nursery branded PDF’s
  • Ability to share precious moments from home

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Making your setting more effective and efficient.
  • Data and insights across children/class/teacher/setting and multiple locations
  • Cohort reporting on gender, language, age, area of learning
  • Children’s progress over time
  • Informing planning, training and teacher development
  • Downloadable data in to multiple file types

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An image of the green wellbeing arc for tracking a child's progress.
An image of the orange communications and language arc for tracking a child's progress.
Communication and Language
An image of the red physical development arc for tracking a child's progress.
Physical Development
An image of the purple literacy arc for tracking a child's progress.
An image of the yellow mathematics arc for tracking a child's progress.
An image of the blue expressive arts and design arc for tracking a child's progress.
Expressive Arts and Design
An image of the green understanding the world arc for tracking a child's progress.
Understanding the World


"It's a wonderful platform, I love the set up of it. What I love most about it is that it's very much centred around the wellbeing of the child".

Lucy - Deputy Head, Young England Kindergarten

the arc pathway approach

How it Works

Why choose Arc Pathway

Features & Benefits for Schools & Nurseries

Sensitive Assessment

Enabling you to understand a child's developmental pattern, both their strengths and needs.

Next Steps

Empowering you to focus on your child's specific and unique needs rather than relying on generic advice. Access exclusive early years resources.

Tracking Progress

Giving you confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

Capturing Key Moments

Building a keepsake of key moments in a child's life to share with others.

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