How we look after your data

We protect your personal data.

Rest assured knowing your personal data is kept safe,encrypted and processed in compliance with privacy laws with Arc Pathway.

Why do we care about data security?

1.   Sensitive information - Sensitive personal data is uploaded daily onto our software.

2.   Trust is everything - To keep that information safe, it’s essential you’re using software you can trust.

3.   Data location - Our Privacy Notice keeps you updated with where your data is stored, and how secure it is.

We take security seriously.

We know how sensitive personal information is, particularly your child’s information - which is whywe want to do everything we can to keep it safe.

1.    As Data Processor we’ll only ever process your personal data based on the Controller’s requirements (i.e., School), and inline with our Terms and Conditions.

2.    Read how it’s processed here, as well as how we use firewalls and encryption to protect against unauthorised access and attacks.

3.    We don’t settle. We do yearly audits and security checks to ensure our systems are updated, and safe for you to use.

GDPR compliance

When processing EU, EEA and UK citizen’s data, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has you covered.

·      GDPR sets out strict requirements for consent and privacy, and we strive to comply with it in every way.

·      Take comfort knowing our server provider, Microsoft Azure, is GDPR/ DPA 18 compliant. It’s so strong that government departments, the NHS, and even banks use it!

Infrastructure and backup

Know exactly what tools we use to help protect your personal information.

·      Our software runs on infrastructure in Amsterdam,Netherlands and is securely stored in an AES-256 encrypted database.

·      Your sensitive information isn’t pinged all over the world. Your data is processed within the UK and European Union.

·      We won't lose your data. Arc Pathway is backed up numerous times daily!

Visiting the website?

If you’re browsing our website and perhaps a potential customer, have a look at how we process your data.

·     Privacy Notice

·     Cookies Policy

Are you a School or Education Provider?

Know exactly what terms apply to you and how we keep your data protected.

·     Link to Terms & Conditions

·     Link to Data Processing Agreement