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The Arc Pathway at School app is here!

We are delighted to announce that the Arc Pathway at School app is now available for free download on iOS (Apple) and the Google Play Store (Android) for those parents using Arc Pathway in association with an Early Years Setting.

With the Arc Pathway app, you will be able to:

  • View your child’s photo gallery and add your own special moments from home. You also have the ability to like and comment on photos uploaded from your child’s early years setting.
  • View Arc profiles carried out by your child’s early years setting (if they have been exported by your child’s setting).
  • View pathways and next steps based on completed Arc profiles.
  • View your child’s Arc Pathway Care Diary. This is a new addition to Arc where nurseries/schools are able to keep you, as a parent, updated on your child’s day including meals, medical incidents, toileting and other important wellbeing updates.

Please see below the links for you to download the app. Once downloaded, you will be able to log in to the app using your existing login credentials. If you haven’t received your log in details, please contact your child’s early years setting.

Download Arc Pathway at School now!

NEW from the Arc Pathway team - How the Helps Parents Navigate the Maze of Early Development and Unlock their Potential!

But the support doesn’t end at school gates. The Arc Pathway at Home app is your companion in decoding your child’s developmental milestones. Offering a tailored experience, it provides a snapshot of your child's progress in key areas like literacy and wellbeing, right at your fingertips. Combined, these apps bridge the home-school gap, providing a fuller picture of your child’s early development journey

Arc Pathway at Home is a supportive parenting app that helps you understand your child’s development and milestones better through easy-to-use sensitive assessment.

This generates a programme of tailored tips and activities that match your child’s current development, so you can both love every step of their learning journey.

Created by leading experts in childhood development and endorsed by preschools and nurseries nationwide and overseas, Arc Pathway is specifically designed for families of toddlers and preschoolers aged 1-5 years. Complete a simple question based assessment and it will instantly give you a holistic picture of your child’s milestones, across 7 key areas of development using illustrated arcs.

Find out where your child’s strengths and any needs, what to prioritise and exactly what to do next.

Plus, enjoy:

• Expert advice and practical tips at the touch of a button

• 1000+ simple and fun activities that will help your child flourish

• On-demand webinars covering the parenting issues you care about

• A buildable keepsake to share with friends and family

• Ask an expert chat feature that can answer your parenting questions in seconds

And so much more.

Start your child's learning journey with Arc Pathway for only £4.99 a month - with a 7 day free trial!

Why Choose Arc Pathway at Home?

Arc Pathway is a unique milestone-tracking app that gives a clear picture of your child’s entire learning journey at a glance. See how your child is developing across 7 key areas, including language and communication, physical development, early literacy and numeracy, wellbeing, and more.

Our colourful arcs make it easy for you to see whether your child is on track or exceeding for their age, but allow you to instantly spot areas where your child may need more support. Arc Pathway will also show you exactly which areas are priorities for your child, and give you simple, fun and effective activities to help them develop. Update your child’s milestones and the app will instantly give you new priorities, tips and activities to match their next phase of development. Enjoy a growing library of resources available on demand and on the go, including exclusive video interviews with internationally respected experts in nutrition, psychology, child development and more. Arc Pathway also includes a handy expert chat feature that uses carefully curated professional advice to answer your parenting questions.

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