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Why choose Arc at home

Features & Benefits

A mother and her child drawing on a table.

Sensitive Assessment

Enabling you to understand a child's developmental pattern, both their strengths and needs.

Two children and a teacher reading at a table

Next Steps

Empowering you to focus on your child's specific and unique needs rather than relying on generic advice.

A teacher in a class with three children teaching them how to tell the time.

Tracking Progress

Giving you confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

Two children sitting at a table with building blocks

Capturing Key Moments

Building a keepsake of key moments in a child's life to share with others.

Easy to use platform

Sensitively profile a child’s development

The results are presented in arcs across all areas of learning, giving you a clear picture of a child’s developmental strengths and needs. Arc Pathway gives you the prioritised and bespoke next steps that exactly match a child’s developmental level, updating as a child progresses.

An app button saying "view arc".
An image of the orange communications and language arc for tracking a child's progress.
Communication and Language
An image of the red physical development arc for tracking a child's progress.
Physical Development
An image of the blue expressive arts and design arc for tracking a child's progress.
Expressive Arts and Design
An image of the green understanding the world arc for tracking a child's progress.
Understanding the World


I absolutely love using the Arc Pathway at Home app with my two small children. And now I've got so much peace of mind because I know that there's a whole team of experts guiding me and supporting me and back me up every step of the way. So I highly recommend. We love you!

Claire - mum of two

Meticulous assessments of children's learning

Ofsted, 2023 report on an Arc Pathway school

It's a wonderful platform, I love the set up of it. What I love most about it is that it's very much centred around the wellbeing of the child.

Lucy - Young England Kindergarten

“I really wanted to help my child’s development. I am not a very organised person so I’m really pleased that I can use this app to track how they are doing in a really personalised way. My favourite part of Arc Pathway are the tailored activity suggestions that are aimed at my child’s own level of development. They are really simple to do and are so effective!


We are really enjoying the Arc Pathway platform...thank you for making this process so stress-free. We are loving it so far and are already making full use of its comprehensive features.

Assistant Head, GEMS FirstPoint, Dubai

This is amazing and has come at the perfect time! It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I am making a difference to my son's development."


We are enjoying using Arc again this year, and finding the profiling helpful to see the whole child and their development.

Head of Early Years, Fulham School, UK

“We have loved using Arc Pathway to follow the progress of our two boys, aged 1 and 4. It’s super quick and easy to use, very visual and gives us instant feedback. We especially like seeing the engaging (but easy set-up) activities that we can try to help our boys take their next steps. The app helps us to feel confident and excited about navigating our boys through all the different aspects of their learning.”


I absolutely love Arc Pathway, the assessment has helped me really understand my son and I have seen a huge leap in his development, very grateful for this!.


Such a great way for me to keep track of my child's progress. It's great to have an app where development can be so easily observed and I love that everything is displayed in such a clear way. It's also improved communication with my child's nursery as I feel able to ask them questions as they arise.

Parent, UK

We are loving Arc and it's working really well in our setting.

Head of Early Years, Ridgeway Primary Academy, UK

"I love doing all the activities with my kids, they are great fun and you can tell they are written by experts."


"It's a wonderful platform, I love the set up of it. What I love most about it is that it's very much centred around the wellbeing of the child."

Lucy - Deputy Head, Young England Kindergarten

Arc Pathway is a holistic approach to assessment which allows direct involvement for parents, as well as helping them to understand where the children are academically.

British Schools Overseas, 2023

We are really enjoying Arc Pathway and finding it a very useful tool.

Head of Early Years, Dragon School, UK

I don't think I've ever been quite so blown away by a product in the 20 years I've been working in EYFS. I truly believe you are onto something very special.

Assistant Headteacher, GEMS Founders School, Dubai

We're so happy...the assessment profiles are so lovely and I feel confident that our parents are really going to appreciate seeing their children's progress in this way.

Headteacher, Brookhouse School, Kenya

The new Arc Pathway software is fantastic. It's easy to understand and gives you a great insight into how your child is progressing and developing. It really helps you feel engaged with their learning journey. What's more, it's a great way of understanding what they're doing at school every day, I love it!

Parent, Elstree School, UK

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